Body by Shae Frequently Asked Questions

For hair sugaring, your hair should be at least 10-14 days of growth.
You need to wait at least 3-4 weeks before any kind of appointment.
Yes, you can get your brazilian or bikini sugared even if you have your menstrual cycle! It’s completely safe and sanitized.
Yes, you can get your brazilian or bikini sugared even if you have your cycle! It’s completely safe and sanitized.
Facial sugaring should be avoided while using these products but we can still do body sugaring.
Yes, you may exfoliate the area you want to focus on. Light exfoliation definitely helps the process. 
Sugaring lasts for about 3-5 weeks.
No, your hair will not grow back darker and coarser because sugaring actually thins out the hair.
Full body sugaring is safer for the body. It’s made out of three simple ingredients and applied at room temperature, so there’s no trauma to your delicate or sensitive skin. It helps to eliminate  ingrown hairs and actually stands regrowth more so than wax.
Our Brazilian appointments are for about 30 minutes but this can take as little as 10 minutes.
Yes, it is 100% safe! Our sugar piece is all natural and made out of sugar, lemon, and water. It is recommended for all skin types, tones, and textures.
We recommend coming in for general facial treatments and maintenance once a month to customize facials. For clients that need more work, we offer different series of treatments that are usually done one or two times a week. 
We offer a very wide variety of skin care treatments that include CBD treatments, Gua sha treatments, hydro facials, lash, brow, stone therapy, body contouring, yoni steam, micro needling, microcurrent, and radio frequency. We also have a large scale of peels that will suit FitzPatrick’s. 
We recommend using cosmeceutical graded products if you plan to stick to a skin care regime or routine at your own home. At Body by Shae, we offer a line or professional skincare that is result driven and naturally derived.
We have skin care treatments for every person and skin type. We always recommend coming in for a skin and general consultation if you can’t decide which treatment you would want to start with.
Absolutely! We believe facials are healthy and good for everyone.
Body contouring is a service that incorporates different modalities such as cavitation, radio frequency, and other currents to tighten the skin, drain fat cells, and retrain the muscles. It helps all areas of your body.
You may find our available body contouring treatments here.
Body contouring treatments are done laying down from 30 to 60 minutes. Our clients have expressed how relaxing it is to get our body contouring treatment. 
You may read all information, benefits, and risks regarding our body contouring service feature here.
The majority of our clients need multiple treatments. We always recommend acquiring a series of treatments and starting with 2 to 3 times a week.
Every individual responds to body contouring differently.  Some people will see results sooner than others. It really depends on how much work you need done. The results last as long as you keep up the healthy lifestyle.
You may read everything about yoni steam here.
Browse here to see how yoni steams work.
Clients are advised to sit on a wooden box with a steam robe.  Steams are down from 20-45 minutes depending on individual ailments.
The physical benefits of vaginal steaming are relaxation, deeper sleep, heightened libido, better circulation,   decreased PMS symptoms, and better skin.
The spiritual or energetic benefits of steaming are balancing root chakras, emotional balance, and reducing anxiety. 
Yoni steaming is not safe when you are on your menstrual cycle, pregnant, or trying to get pregnant.
Our spa is located at 629 Lee Rd Winter Park, FL 32789.
No worries! Our technicians go over all intake forms with every client before setting up for any treatment that we offer.